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Year 2019 is about to become History and I am sure that majority of the people would have already started to look at their respective 2020 Horoscopes whether #online or print media etc. 95% of the Astrologers always talk good because people only want to listen what soothes their ears. And because of this, such people don’t even know how & whether planetary conditions can be rebuild or changed? Well ! the remaining 5% also get depressed because they also don’t know whether their Destiny could be changed. People, unnecessarily, end up creating self-nuisance in their lives by not Trusting the Divine but on Touts, thus, spoiling their careers / life.

Someone said,” Man says Show me then I would Trust you,” but “God says Trust me and I would give you everything that you want.”

At we connect you with the #Divine at the most famous Ghats of India, called Brahm Kund, Har Ki Pauri, Haridawar (INDIA). These are the 3 ways why Puja’s are successful at #Brahm Kund, #Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar —

  1. Haridwar is also known as “Moksh Dham” or the Land of Salvation because it was at this spot where the “Amrit” fell, hence, Har Ki Pauri is also known as the “footsteps of the Lord.” Any devotee who offers Pujas at Haridwar, especially Brahm Kund, Har ki Pauri opens up the Doors of Salvation for himself or herself
  2. Ganga Teerth Purohits are the main Vedic Pandit’s who conduct all the Puja’s for the customers and they have over 1000+ Puja & ritual experience.
  3. We always prefer that our Clients or Customers always conduct the Puja’s in their presence but if any one cannot travel to Haridwar due to any Business or Personal reasons, we also have special ONLINE feature where Customers can be connected on #Whatsapp Video for a 10-15 minutes “Sankalp Puja.” and rest of the #Puja is conducted by the same Ganga Teerth Purohit’s of Har Ki Pauri Sabha. Personalized Video byte is always shared with all our customers as a proof of evidence.

Therefore, Haridwar is the only location where we, conduct all types of Remedial Pujas & Rituals, so that Devotee can rebuild their #destiny. The only thing required is to have a “Child Like TRUST” 

Some of the top Remedial Puja & Rituals conducted by us at Brahm Kund, Har ki Pauri are —

  1. Remedial Puja’s for Health,
  2. Remedial Puja’s for Career & Jobs,
  3. Remedial Puja’s for Business growth & Wealth,
  4. Remedial Puja’s for Marriage, if not happening,
  5. Remedial Puja’s to improve the unfavorable Planetary conditions,

Apart from this, World of Devotion also conduct #brahmanbhoj, #FeedtheCow, #Feedthepoor, #onlinepujas at the most famous Ghat of Haridwar, “Har Ki Pauri.” Book one for yourself if you are facing career or marriage etc related problems etc. Experience us to Believe.

“Testimony of few Clients” 

1.“A Truly Divine Experience with World of Devotion. The best part of booking pujas through them is they perform each & every puja at Haridwar with qualified team of Acharya ji who have decades of experience” Sanjay Gupta, Ontario, Canada

2. “I wanted to get morning and evening Aarti done for 30 days at Har ki Pauri, Haridwar. Rajesh suggested me that through recitation of the vedic hymns & mantras, as per the correct vedic procedure, the Acharyas (learned Gurus) at World of Devotion call upon and invoke(Aahavan) the cosmic energies to work towards fulfilment of the desired objective of the devotee, and i felt the connection with my inner self after watching every video clip he sent me for the Aarti perfomed at Har ki Pauri as per my request! Keep up the good work…” Keshav Bhargava, London, U.K.

3. “When we float Diyas in Ganga, we pay homage to our Ancestors and make their soul happy and peaceful. I got the video Clip with Pandit ji chanting my late father’s name. God Bless Rajesh and his team who helped me get this done.” Dr.Shivani Batra, MS Ortho, New Delhi

On this New Year, we request all devotees to pre-book your Puja’s and don’t waste time at Haridwar locating a suitable Vedic Pandits as the Holy City is now full of touts. #cashless transaction at Haridwar.

By any chance, if you cannot make it then also we have the Online Facility where only for initial 10-15 minutes the client comes online with the Teerth Purohits and conducts a one time #sankalppuja. Subsequently, rest of the Puja is then conducted by the Ganga Teerth Purohits at Brahm kund, Har Ki Pauri.

“Personalized Video byte is always shared with all our Online Customers”  

Thank you very much for your time and would be back with some more interesting Religious Topic. Do write to me at [email protected] or can call us too at 91-7011055303.

Yours Sincerely,

Rajesh Bakshi

co-founder- ( )


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