Why choose “World of Devotion?” What is our Credibility? I am Skeptical to put my money? No guarantee !!!


Greetings to you….

  • What is our Credibility?
  • Being skeptical to shop.
  • Who is World of Devotion?
  • Have others purchased the services … etc…. etc ….

After doing an analysis of the recent Google Ads & on various social sites we found that few people have expressed their open & honest views by raising questions on our Credibility ?  Many thanks to such people for sharing their open views and in turn I am also being transparent by sharing this topic on my blog window, which will surely be noticed by our existing National & International customers but since our existing clients stand comfortable with our services, hence, no issues to share it.

I always believe that — ” Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of Learning.”  

Lets take this up point by point —

  • We are India’s first Cashless one stop portal for all Religious needs at Haridwar, Banaras, Char Dham, Ayodhya and Vrindavan.

What is World of Devotion ?

Is a Religious e-commerce portal that specializes in offering customized puja’s and religious services to devotees by invoking the spiritual powers of hte ancient vedic mantras. Through recitation of the Vedic hyms and mantras, as per the correct vedic procedures, the Purohit’s at World of Devotion call upon and invoke (Aahavan) the Cosmic Energies to work towards fulfillment of the desired objectives of the devotee.

Will I get the credit & recognition if someone else offers the prayers on my behalf ?

Yes, 100%. According to Vedic text like Garuda Purana, Someone with Vedic knowledge who offers the religious ritual as per Vedic procedure can perform on your behalf, it would be considered successful as if you yourself performed it. Moreover, Gotra, Names, DOB or family details can be heard / seen in the Personalized Video Byte that we share with all our Online Customers.

For whom is World of Devotion, a blessing?

  • Pre-book your entire Pilgrimage and enjoy cashless puja’s & rituals at Haridwar. A dedicated Ganga Teerth Purohit assigned to help you with all that you wish for.
  • We always prefer devotees coming over themselves to conduct Puja’s / rituals, however, if anyone cannot visit due to some personal or business reason then we also conduct Online Puja’s which is conducted by the same Ganga Purohits but on behalf of the customer. Devotee is requested to come online over Whatsapp video calling so that initial Sankalp Puja is conducted in front of the Devotee. Subsequently, we share the Personalized Video byte.

What about the Credibility that World of Devotion (WOD) will perform the Puja’s / Rituals on my behalf? What, if they don’t do anything and confirm getting the Puja done?

World of Devotion always recommends Devotees to pre-book the services and come over to Haridwar to experience our divine services but in case they cannot and opt for online services then we always submit a Personalized Video byte in which one can listen the name of the Gotra & family details being pronounced by the Ganga Teerth Purohits. Moreover, World of Devotion is a brand owned by M/s RB Products Pvt Ltd, a company registered under the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) and our company details can be checked on our website. We also have Paytm & Paypal as our payment gateways, hence, it’s easy to cancel or take back funds but subject to certain T&C as mentioned in our policy already uploaded on the website.

How does the ordering process works?

  • Devotee places the order on our website. Pays the prices, as mentioned.
  • Booking confirmation goes to the user and also to the Admin.
  • In case of Online Puja, the devotee joins the Pandit on whatsapp video calling for a 10 minutes, approx, Sankalp Puja.
  • Selected Puja or a Ritual is conducted as per the instruction from the Devotee.
  • In case of a product like Dry Prasad, Rudraksha or Yantra, it gets couriered to the address, as received by us. In case of the Online Puja / Ritual, Personalized Video byte is always shared with all our Clients.

What role does a Devotee have in offering Rituals or Pujas ?

We strongly recommend all Devotees to take part in the Puja or Ritual and participate by way of 100% “Child like Belief” without which nothing is possible. Offer your prayers with Full faith and devotion without any expectations. Kindly don’t offer Puja’s half heatedly or with doubts in your mind, it just won’t work out. We cannot guarantee results, but, we ensure that your prayers do reach the Deity through the Vedic powers of Mantras and the correct Vedic Procedure (Vidhi Vidhaan).

What are the unique services of World of Devotion(WOD) —

  • Our Puja’s & Rituals are conducted at most Pious and Divine Temples of Haridwar (most sacred and Holiest city in the World). Vedas have emphasized that Puja’s offered at Haridwar gives back many fold desired results.
  • Our Havans are conducted at the most serene ghats of Ganga that is the ideal place for offering prayers for the divine connect.
  • Our Acharya’s use the “Power of the Ancient Vedic Mantras” to attain the divine connect. This is done through correct pronunciation & tones (mantra ucharan) through which the devotee benefits immensely to gain Divine cosmic energy.
  • Authentic & pure puja samagri used for every Puja &  Ritual. Each item of the Samagri is checked thoroughly by our Acharya’s to ensure 100% Genuinety.
  • Our Acharya’s are most renowned with over 1000+ Puja / Ritual experience. They conduct Puja’s with complete Godly Devotion and Vedic procedures (Vidhi Vidhaan).

Hope, I answered all your Queries? Just in case, something missing please raise it to my team at [email protected] or can write to me at [email protected]

Yours Sincerely,

Rajesh Bakshi

co-founder – www.worldofdevotion.com

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