Rudr Abishek Puja at Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar, It’s Benefits…


Want to conduct Rudr Abhishek at Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar but unable to travel. We have ready made Solution so that sitting at home you can conduct the Puja or Ritual at Haridwar.

Let’s get started with the benefits of Rudr Abhishek, especially at Hari Ki Pauri,  Haridwar :

Benefits of Rudrabhishek – 

  • It increases our wealth and harmony. Increases our Business & Career, hence increase our Wealth and Harmony.
  • Removes negative energy and purifies the bad karma.
  • Protects from evils and gives strength to deal with difficulties.
  • It can also eliminate the evil effects of various Doshas in one’s horoscope such as Rahu dosha, Shrapit dosha etc.

Ground Operations-

  • This Puja would be conducted in the heart of Har Ki Pauri, Brahm Kund.
  • Teerth Purohit’s of Har Ki Pauri would give a Whatsapp Video to customer and conduct “Sankalp Puja” live,” for about 10-15 minutes. In the backdrop Customers can see LIVE Har Ki Pauri &,Maa Ganga Ghat flowing
  • Box full of Panchmeva Prasad+Maa Ganga small pocket size photo (to be kept in house mandir) & a “Moli,” to be worn on the wrist, would be sent to your corresponding address through courier / speed post
  • It would take around 7 working days within India and 3 weeks to any International City.


Rudr Abhishek at Har Ki Pauri (wealth & harmony) code:2001

We are sure and confident, if the Puja is conducted seriously with a child like belief then it is sure that in near future,

You can write to me at [email protected]

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