How World of Devotion is building the future of Religious Industry…

Evolution of Religious Industry hasn’t moved much. It’s still an unorganized Industry but, flourishing, because the people don’t have any choice.

e.g. Customer, visiting a holy place like Haridwar, Banaras or may be Char Dham, has no clue how & where to contact a genuine Vedic Pandit who can conduct a genuine Puja or a ritual for their needs….

It’s extremely sad but one can see thousands of so called Pandit’s, sitting on the banks of Holy Ganges, creating fear of not conducting Pujas, in the minds of pilgrims / visitors who get so confused that either they get caught in the trap or run away from these Holy places to never come back again but still come back but once again with Doubtful minds.

Will these Visitors / Pilgrims can ever get a Red Carpet welcome in this unorganized market? Will these Visitors ever come here with a relaxed mind and concentrate on their Puja’s and Rituals?

Today, Haridwar witnesses a daily footfall of 75k – 1L visitor. We did a sample survey of around 15k visitors to find out their pain areas in Haridwar and we were NOT surprised to hear that 87% visitors found themselves cheated by so called Pandits and weren’t sure whether the Puja’s, conducted by them, were as per Vedic Procedures. Infact, the Pilgrims from South India wished for a refund but there wasn’t any way out.

At our prime aim and vision is to provide a RED CARPET WELCOME to all customers / pilgrims by the following ways:

  1. World of Devotion has special tie up with the Top Purohit’s who are certified and experienced Vedic Pandit’s or Acharya’s. These Holy people have been identified through the Registered Trusts of the Holy Shrines, hence, our customers can be sure about their credentials.
  2. World of Devotion provides need based solutions and ways to all our customers so that the aim of the REMEDIAL PUJA’s, conducted by them, is fulfilled. THESE SOLUTIONS ARE ONLY KNOWN TO THE MANAGEMENT TEAM and have been extremely fruitful for our Customers in their daily life… e.g. Career, Health, Wealth, Marriage etc related concerns.
  3. Infact, Puja’s & Rituals, conducted through us, are all the same, as per Vedic process but the “things to do” after the Puja’s is our USP and most of our customers have overcome their problems.
  4. World of Devotion provides options to Pre-book the Puja’s or Pandit’s even before arriving at the Holy locations. With this facility, Customers can enjoy “Cashless Puja’s.” Infact, our RED CARPET starts from their Hotels where our local team escorts them to the Holy Location.
  5. World of Devotion also provides LIVE Online Puja’s over a video call. A section of people who prefer going online over a personal visit, conduct the entire Puja over a video call as if they are present themselves.

We started our operations with only ONLINE PUJA’s but have evolved and upgraded ourselves, based on the needs of the customers. Today, World of Devotion is still in the growing stage but we are proud that we are daily adding a customer and converting into a Delighted customer with our multiple services.

We are three people in the management team. All of us may have a different levels of Passion but our common goal is to make World of Devotion an “A to Z of Religious Market” by constantly updating and upgrading ourselves, based on the needs of the Customers. We are proud & passionate team and consider ourselves lucky that we have been chosen by the Divine to serve mankind to serve the Divine.

One a daily basis, we are adding a FOOT to our RED CARPET so that our Customers feel relaxed and comfortable, walking in this Unorganized Market.

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Yours Sincerely,

Rajesh Bakshi

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