Shodasopachar Puja in Gangotri Dham (code:2065)


Brief Description:

This form of Puja is the most complete Puja conducted at Gangotri Temple to appease Maa Ganga with complete sixteen Holy Articles.

Benefits of this Shodasopachar Puja:

  • Thanking Maa Ganga by conducting the best and complete form of Puja.
  • Brings happiness and prosperity in the Life of the person.
  • Eliminates all types of hurdles in career or marriage or any other area you work upon.
  • Protects home & office from natural and unnatural calamities, if any.

Our Services after bookings.

  • Based on the Shubh Mahurat, 5-10 minutes of Sankalp Puja would be conducted, especially for your family, by some of the Top Pandit’s of Gangotri Dham. Pandit Ji would give you a call from Gangotri Dham and conduct the Sankalp Puja.
  • Post which, the Pandit Ji would conduct the Shodasopachar Puja and offer the Prasad inside the Temple, on your behalf.
  • We would share a personalized Video Byte or Clip with you after the Puja.
  • Dry Prasad would then be shipped to your residential address.

Details of the Prasad – (Only within India)

  • Dry Prasad – Panchmewa – Non Perishable
  • Kalawa – to be tied at the entrance of your home or office to eliminate Negative Vibes and to attract good Health & Wealth.

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