Shani dev puja at Yamunotri Dham (code:2046)


Brief Description –

Shani Dev Temple in Kharsali, Uttarkashi is one of the Oldest Temples of Lord Shani Dev. It is said that this Temple was built by the Pandavas and has a Brass Idol of Shani Dev. Pavitr Temple has five floors and is made up of Wood and Stone only.

Maa Yamuna is the daughter of Surya Dev, wife of Krishna and sister of Shani Dev, hence, anyone who workships at this Shani Temple remains blessed by Shani Dev with a Healthy, Wealthy, Prosperous family Life.” No doubt, an ancient temple of Lord Shani stands at Kharsali just beside Yamunotri Dham

World of Devotion brings you an opportunity to worship Lord at this Temple LIVE over a Video Call from the comforts of your home (anywhere in this world).

Benefits of Shani Dev Puja –

  • Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous Family life.
  • All problems and difficulties would face an end in your life.
  • Financial status would see a new rise in your life.

Our Services after bookings –

  • Based on the Shubh Mahurat, 10-15 minutes of LIVE Sankalp Puja on Video Call would be conducted from Shani Dev Temple by some of the Top Pandit’s of Yamunotri Dham.
  • Post which, the Pandit Ji would offer your prayers inside the Shani Dev Temple, on your behalf.
  • Box full of Prasad would then be shipped to your residential address.

Details of the Prasad – (Only within India) 

  • Dry Prasad – Panchmewa – Non Perishable
  • Kalawa – to be tied at the entrance of your home or office to keep away Negativity and Evil eyes from ones Life.

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