Rudr Abhishek at Har Ki Pauri (wealth & harmony) code:1001


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One of the most important Puja’s conducted in the Glory of Lord Shiva. Rudr Abhishek nullify the ill-effects of planet Saturn / Shani Dev. We conduct this Puja at Brahm Kund, Har Ki Pauri which is the ideal location as per Vedic Puraan. Specialized Ganga Teerth Purohit’s would conduct this Puja. 

Benefits of Rudrabhishek

1. It brings wealth and harmony.

2. Removes negative energy and purifies the bad karma.

3. Protects from evils and gives strength to deal with difficulties.

4. It can also eliminate the evil effects of various Doshas in one’s horoscope such as Rahu dosha, Shrapit dosha etc.

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