Morning Aarti (code:1057)


(Above prices include all Taxes, Dakshina, & Handling Charges)

Pre-book this famous Aarti before arriving at Yamunotri. Timings are 0600 hours every day. It is said that if someone prays to Maa Yamuna then Shani Bhagwaan also blesses him/ her. Certified and experienced Priests (Purohit’s) enchant the Mantras in your or your elder’s name that provides direct blessing to you.

Upon bookings, we would connect with you to gather information like Your Gotra, name and family members name, if provided. You can hear & see the Acharya’s pronouncing your details (Gotras & Names) in the Personalized Video Byte in the Puja / Aarti that we would share with you as a proof of evidence.

Call us at 91-7011055303 in case of any Query.

Winter Pujas till May 2020 will be conducted in Khushi Matth, Yamunotri Dham.  

You can call us at 91-7011055303 for any Query.

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