Markanday Puja for Childs long life on his birthday (code:1016)


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    • A janam din puja or Birthday Pooja is performed in order to seek the blessings and thank the Istha or your preferred God.
    • This janam din puja is performed in order to remove obstacles and to have a prosperous year ahead.  Janamdin Puja is generally conducted on the date of birth and is recommended as it is believed to increase one’s life.
    • It is also said that when you conduct this pooja, prosperity is likely to come your way and happiness fills your life and growth in terms of career and studies is likely to happen.
    • Diva’s equivalent to the age of the Child would be floated so that Ganga Maa blessings reaches your side.
    • Complete Puja would be conducted by our certified and experienced Purohit’s at the Bank of Ganga (Haridwar).

    You now have the Facility to book all the Puja’s in Advance. Upon booking, our team would connect with you to understand your requirements, the date of Travel to Haridwar & your Hotel address so that our representative can pick you up.

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