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Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Jaap & Anusthan at Mrityunjaya Mahadev Temple, Banaras (code:1053)


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Importance of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Jaap

  • Eliminate Kal Sarpdosh from your life,
  • Removal of all Kasht Rog from your life,
  • Ensures Sukh Shanti at home & life,
  • Ensures Healthy & Wealthy life,

Devotee is called for a 5-10 minutes of initial Sankalp by our Temple Acharya but can sit for whatever time he/she wishes to. Post which the Jaaps begin. All the Jaaps and Puja’s are conducted inside the World famous Mrityunjaya Mahadev Temple by our learned Acharya’s.

Just in case you opt to move out of the Temple, we would share the contact number of the Acharya with whom a daily video / audio update can be taken.

Very Important

If Mahamritunjaya Jaaps are conducted at home it blesses us 10 times,

If conducted in any normal Temple it blesses us 100 times,

If conducted at Ganga Ghat it blesses us 1000 times, BUT,

If conducted at Mritunjaya Mahadev Temple, Banaras it blesses us 1 Lac times, hence, this is the ideal temple to conduct this Ritual or Anushthan.

  • Daily pictures or small video clips would be shared with the Devotee.
  • Devotee can also speak to the designated Acharya on a daily basis and take an update on the Ritual.

You can call us at 91-9810686368 for any Query.

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