Maa Ganga Dusshera Puja at Gangotri Dham (code:2049)


The Festival of Ganga Dusshera is celebrated in the months from May – June every year to commemorate the descent of Maa Ganga to the Earth. This year pavitr festival falls on 1st June 2020.

Benefits of this Aarti:-

  1. Person who performs this Puja attains Salvation.
  2. Problems and Conflicts in life come to an end, and
  3. Health & Wealth increases.

Upon bookings, we would connect with you over email / whatsapp to know your Gotra and family details which would be passed on to the Pandit Ji of Gangotri Temple. Pandit Ji would give you a Voice call from the Gangotri Temple (camera cannot go inside) and conduct the pavitr Sankalp Puja for 5-10 minutes post which the complete Puja would be performed by Pandit Ji on your behalf. After the Puja, our teams would courier you the following Prasad from Gangotri Dham:-

  1. Dry Prasad of Gangotri Temple,
  2. Kalava to be tied on the wrist of family members and at the main door at your home(Keeps away Negativity).

We have offered you 3 Options to choose. In case you wish to speak to us first, you can always whatsapp / call us at 7011055303.

(Prasad packet would take around 2 weeks to reach our Delhi office and from here our team would dispatch it to your homes. Prasad seva is only within India)




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