Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar (LIVE Darshan for 30 minutes) Club60Puja


    (Prices include Dakshina + Puja Samagri + Prasad shipping charges)


    • Location, where drops of Amrit or Nectar fell over from the sky while being carried in a pitcher by the celestial bird, Garuda.
    • Gateway to attain Moksha or Salvation
    • Thanking Maa Ganga to have descended on earth to bless the mankind forever.


    • A dedicated Pandit would be assigned to you for 30 minutes who would remain LIVE with you over a Video Call.
    • You would be allowed to ask as many questions etc about Haridwar, Har Ki Pauri, Maa Ganga etc.
    • Complete & Exclusive Darshan would be arranged for you and your family.

    Prasad (Applicable only within India)

    • Dry Panchmewa Prasad (Non Perishable)
    • Maa Ganga Photo
    • Pavitr Kalawa to be tied at the main entrance of your house.

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