Kaal Bhairav Temple Puja – Banaras (code:1070)


    Prices include GST, Dakshina and Puja Samagri. 

    This Temple is one of the Oldest and most religious Temple of Lord Shiva.

    Dedicated to “Bhairava” – Kaal Bhairav which is the fierce form of Lord Shiva. It is said that even Death is afraid of Kaal Bhairav. Believed as the Kotwal of Creation (Chief Police Offer). Each and every living person, even Devas or Gods, need to take permission from Kaal Bhairav to exist.

    People who pray to Kaal Bhairav are protected from all the problems in Life. People visiting Banaras have to visit this Temple before leaving else the Holy pilgrimage of Banaras won’t be complete.

    Post booking, we would connect with you to know about your date of arrival to Banaras so that we can take you to this Kaal Bhairav Temple to conduct the Puja.

    Call us at 91-9810686368 for any further query.

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