Hanuman paath for serious illness (code:1011)


Prices include GST & Handling charges. 

  • Eliminates all problems
  • Hanuman jee is Avtaar of Lord Shiva and it has been said that they are alive in all Era’s
  • It is believed that Hanuman jee remains present wherever Hanuman Path or Sundar Khand is performed.
  • The person suffering should not be brought to Haridwar. In turn, any close relative can come and conduct the Puja on his / her behalf.
  • Our Ganga Teerth Purohit’s would need the Gotra and family details of the person suffering.

You now have the Facility to book all the Puja’s in Advance. Upon booking, our team would connect with you to understand your requirements, the date of Travel to Haridwar & your Hotel address so that our representative can pick you up.

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