Ganga Abhishek Puja at Gangotri Dham (code:2070)


Brief Description:

Maa Ganga Abhishek is a ritual to pay homage and Gratitude to Maa Ganga to have come to Earth to protect us and to help us attain Moksha or Salvation. Milk, honey, fruits etc are offered to the Goddess.

Benefits of this Ganga Abhishek Puja:

  • To fulfil our desires.
  • To bring Prosperity to our Family and Business.
  • For a Healthy, Wealthy and successful life.
  • To keep away bad elements from our Life.

Our Services after bookings.

  • Based on the Shubh Mahurat, 5-10 minutes of Sankalp Puja would be conducted, especially for your family, by some of the Top Pandit’s of Gangotri Dham. Pandit Ji would give you a call from Gangotri Dham and conduct the Sankalp Puja.
  • Post which, the Pandit Ji would conduct the Ganga Abhishek Puja and offer the Prasad inside the Temple, on your behalf.
  • We would share a personalized Video Byte or Clip with you after the Puja.
  • Dry Prasad would then be shipped to your residential address.

Details of the Prasad – (Only within India)

  • Dry Prasad – Panchmewa – Non Perishable
  • Kalawa – to be tied at the entrance of your home or office for prosperity and success.

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