Feeding the Cows-Haridwar (code:6003)



Feeding the Cows is one of the most superior of all “Karmas.” Lord Krishna has said, “Whoever will feed the cows will always be closer to me.” Everyone should conduct this pavitr ritual atleast once a month.

Our Services-

World of Devotion supports this noble cause and we have been supporting people to conduct this pavitr ritual at Chetan Jyoti Ashram Gaushala in the Land of Moksha, Haridwar.

  • Post bookings, we would connect with you to get information about your travel plans & dates.
  • We will share the Gaushala address and the concerned person to meet who would have been already paid for this pavitr ritual.
  • You would not be asked to pay any amount at the Gaushala.
  • Charges from you are inclusive of 10% Handling & Agency charges over and above the payments made by you at the Gaushala in Haridwar.

Call us at 91-7011055303 for any Query.