Brahman Bhoj-Kedarnath (code: 7005)


Word of Devotion serves Pure, Satvik and Hygienic Bhojan to 3-11 Brahmans in clean, hygienic and homely manner at KEDARNATH Dham.

Currently this Dham is closed due to winter season, hence, alternate location to arrange this ritual would be UKKHI MATTH till May 2020. In winter session of Kedarnath, Food raw material gets extremely costly due to high altitude Transportation and availability of wood as a source of fuel, hence, the charges are high till May 2020.

Upon bookings, we would connect with you to gather information like Your Gotra, Your personal details and pass it on to the Kedarnath Temple Trust. You can hear & see the Teerth Purohit’s pronouncing your details (Gotras & Names) in the Personalized Video Byte that we would share with you as a proof of evidence.

Currently, the charges are extremely high due to problem of raw material reaching out to Ukkhi Matth.

Call us at 91-7011055303 for any Query.

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