Brahman Bhoj for Tervi-Haridwar (code:7008)


Prices inclusive of Dakshina, Puja Samagri & Food Cost. 


Brahman Bhojan during Tervi or the thirteenth day after the soul departed, is served to Thirteen Brahmans and the objective of conducting this important ritual is to pay homage & thanks to the departed soul so that the blessed soul rests in peace and attains Moksha or Salvation. It is recommended to perform this important ritual with all vedic procedures. 

Our Services:

Word of Devotion serves Pure, Satvik and Hygienic Bhojan to 13 Brahmans in clean & hygienic manner at HAR KI PAURI, HARIDWAR Dham.

  • LIVE & Exclusive Puja over Video Call Direct from Ganga Ghat Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar in the morning hours.

After the Puja, Bhojan would be served to 13 Brahmans. Personalized Video Byte would be shared with you of the Brahman Bhojan as a proof of evidence.

Whatsapp or Call us at 9810686368.

(Our services may look a bit higher but it’s worth the money spent. All thirteen Brahmans are offered Dakshina, High Quality Food and Organic raw material/ Puja Samagri used in the Live Puja followed by Personalized Video Byte as a proof of evidence).

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