Brahman Bhoj-Yamunotri (code:5007)


Prices inclusive of GST, Dakshina, Puja Samagri and cost of Food raw material.  

Word of Devotion serves Pure, Satvik and Hygienic Bhojan to 3-11 Brahmans in clean, hygienic and homely manner at YAMUNOTRI Dham.

Currently the Dham is closed for winter months, hence, this ritual would be conducted at KHUSHI MATTH till May 2020. In winter season the food is scarce and hence costly. Transportation and Raw material cost is high,hence, these rates would remain effective till May 2020.

Upon booking, our team would connect with you over email / Phone to understand any special requirement, your date of Travel to Banaras and to provide you with our Pandit ji’s address & location. 

Call us at 91-9810686368 for any Query.

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