Brahman Bhoj-Ayodhya (code:7001)


Prices include Dakshina, Puja Samagri & Food Cost.  


Brahman Bhojan ritual is usually conducted to pay homage to our beloved Ancestors and souls who have left for heavenly abode, however, this ritual can also / recommended to attain Peace, Prosperity & Salvation to oneself & family.

Our Services:

Word of Devotion serves Pure, Satvik and Hygienic Bhojan to 11 Brahmans in clean, hygienic and homely manner at AYODHYA Dham. Shanti Hawan or Puja for your Ancestors is also conducted before the Bhojan is served to Brahmans.

Upon bookings, we would connect with you to gather information like Gotra & Names. Personalized Video Byte would be shared with you of the Brahman Bhojan as a proof of evidence. One can hear the Pandit’s chant the family details in the Video Byte.

Whatsapp or Call us at 9810686368.

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