Best Tirth Purohit and Pandit in Haridwar

पंडित नीरज शर्मा, गंगा पूजा वाले – मृत्यु कर्मा अस्थि पूजा

One of the most respected and experienced Teerth Purohits of Haridwar, Pt. Neeraj Shrama, Ganga Puja Wale. Anyone coming to Haridwar for the following services can contact Pt. Neeraj —

  • Mrityu Karma Asthi Pujan,
  • Pind Daan,
  • Pitra Puja,
  • Pitra Narayani Puja,
  • Shradh Puja.

For people who cannot visit Haridwar and prefer LIVE streaming of above services can also be provided services.

Whatsapp or Call us at 91-9810686368 to speak to us for the above PAVITR SERVICES.


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