Ayush Puja for child’s long & healthy life at Haridwar (code:2006)


Prices include Dakshina, Puja Samagri and prasad shipping charges.

About & Importance-

Ayusha Puja is recommended for all the parents who wish to provide a Healthy, Long and a Safe Life. In this Puja the Purohit, with Mantras, tries to transform the negative energies into positive and reduce the chance of any evil effect on the child on account of the previous birth.

Our Services-

  • Upon booking, we would connect with you to gather the family details that will be shared with Ganga Teerth purohits of Har Ki Pauri to come out with a Shubh Muhurat of Puja.
  • We will organize a Live Online Sankalp Puja for initial 10-15 minutes with parents & child on the other side, LIVE from Har Ki Pauri.
  • Rest of the Puja would be conducted by the same Purohit at Har Ki Pauri on your behalf and we would share Personalized Video Byte.

Prasad Sewa (Only within India)-

  • Dry Prasad (Panchmewa) – Non Perishable Form.
  • Kalawa (Sacred Thread) to be tied on the wrist and at the main entrance of home or office.

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