Asthi Visarjan karmakand Puja At Harkipauri Haridwar (code:2077)


Haridwar is the Gateway to Heaven. To immerse the Ashes of your loved ones in Maa Ganga at Haridwar is a very important pavitr ritual in Hindu religion. We assist the families to perform this pavitr ritual by some of the Top Pandit’s of Haridwar. Pavitr, Authentic and pious Puja ceremony is conducted for you at Har Ki Pauri.

Samagri used in Puja is also arranged from our end. 

Our Services –

  • While booking our services, please mention your travel date and arrival time at Haridwar.
  • Upon booking, we will text you the details of the Pandit and the location where you can meet him.
  • For rest of the sacred Rituals & Puja, please follow the instructions of the Pandit.

We also have Online Facility of Asthi Visarjan. Please whatsapp or call us at below number.

In case you need to speak to us, please whatsapp or call us at 07011055303.