Adopt a Cow at ISKCON Gaushala-Vrindavan (code: 8006)


By pleasing the cows and bulls in Vrindavan, you simultaneously please Lord Krishna and Balaram. You virtually become one of their Gopas and Gopis as you take care of their beloved Cows.

To help you in this Noble cause, we would approach ISKCON Gaushala at Vrindavan on your behalf and book your desired option. ISKCON payment receipts would be in your name at actuals + we have baked in 25% Agency Charges for the following services provided to you:

  • Our representative would visit Vrindavan every six months, on your behalf, and provide you with the latest Pics, Video byte & updates of the Adopted Cow or Calf, as per the booked Validity.
  • Charges paid by you would include Actuals of ISKCON Gaushala + 25% agency charges, as mentioned above.

Call us at 91-9810686368 for any Query.


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