Mahalakshmi Temple, Mumbai

Mahalakshmi Temple, Mumbai is one of the most worshiped temples of India. This temple is dedicated to three Goddesses….

  1. Mahasaraswati – Goddess of Learning.
  2. Mahalakshmi – Goddess of Wealth.
  3. Mahakali – Goddess of Domon / Destroyer of Evils.

Location of this Temple is absolutely an eye refresher filled with Divine emotions. It’s close proximity to the sea shore adds to it’s charm.

What best can we, humans, expect from the Divine that all three Devis can be worshiped under one roof. Infact, humanity is blessed to have such a Temple on this earth. Thousands of devotees come to pay respect to the Deity, infact this number goes up to million and above during Navratris & Deepawali. Weekends are the days when long queues can be seen outside this temple.

This Temple is managed by “Mahalakshmi Temple Trust,” which also offers few important & critical nishkam sewa for the needy & poor people –

  1. Scholarship to poor students,
  2. Medical assistance to poor,
  3. Free of cost medical dispensary for health checkups & medicines,
  4. Financial assistance to people during natural calamities, & much more.

Puja Activities, inside the Temple:

  1. Three times daily Aarti – Morning, Evening and Night time.
  2. Hawans and Abhishek as per desires of the devotees.

It is believed that anybody who worships Goddess Lakshmi with childlike belief is always blessed with Fortune and Success. Thousands of Devotee, filled with faith, can be seen standing in long queues during Navratris & Diwali holding coconuts, flowers & sweets to be offered to the Deity.

World of Devotion during Pandemic conditions:

Unfortunately, the dreaded Pandemic has stopped us to pay a personal visit to this Temple. As per Maharashtra Government Advisory, one should always be careful and watchful to visit the Temple.

While the Pandemic has affected personal visits to the temple but it has definitely not stopped us from serving the faith of millions of people across the country. We have doubled our services during these unpleasant times with the help of technology just to bring smile on the faces of our customers, which is our biggest reward.

With an intent to extend helping hand, during this Diwali, to our beloved customers, we have launched Prasad sewa from Mahalakshmi Temple, Mumbai.

Offer Prasad to Mahalakshmi Temple, Mumbai on your own auspicious day with your personal message to the Deity and receive back Divine box filled with Dry Prasad and other sacred items.

Click to learn more and book:

Mahalakshmi Temple Prasad, Mumbai

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