Order Prasad from Hanuman Bagh, Ayodhya


It’s always been our endevour to bring the latest services for our Clients and Customers.

What better than Prasad from the Land of Lord Ram, Ayodhya right to your door step (within India).

  1. Prasad would first be offered in the Temple at Ayodhya,
  2. The balance prasad (Dry panchmeva only) would be packed in a hygienic manner,
  3. Lord Ram Darbar small photo frame would be added in the box,
  4. Kalava from Ram Mandir would also be kept for you to be tied on yours & your loved ones wrist,
  5. With finally a lot of blessings from Prabhu Ram Chandra ji.

This packet would reach our Quality office in New Delhi. After doing a Quality check, this would be couriered to your residence, anywhere within India.

Soon, you would also hear us launching various critical puja’s that are conducted at Ayodhya Temples. We would surely be sending you updates for the services, very soon.

Till then, May Lord Ram bless you with Happiness in your life.

Do write to me directly at [email protected]

Yours Sincerely,

Rajesh Bakshi

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