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We at World of Devotion firmly believe to evolve ourselves basis the customer requirements. As we always claim that “जो भक्त चाहते हैं, हम वोही बनाते हैं,” we have come out with a new concept:


We launched World of Devotion with only Online Puja’s with video recording as a proof of evidence, however, basis customer needs, we also launched “In person Puja’s” where customers book their Puja’s & Rituals in advance even before reaching Haridwar.

We have now launched yet another concept of “Online LIVE Pujas & Rituals in Haridwar. In this concept customers who cannot reach Haridwar due to any reasons can book their rituals & puja’s in advance,

  • This concept is termed by us as “Cashless Puja’s,”
  • Auspicious time is conveyed to the customer so that he/she could be ready for the Puja,
  • Teerth Purohits dial a Video Call from Har Ki Pauri to the devotee who is sitting ready at his / her home,
  • Entire Puja is conducted LIVE over the Video call by the Ganga Teerth Purohit’s with the Devotee, as if he/she is sitting at Har Ki Pauri.

Customer segment, who is unable to visit this Dham have praised this concept and more and more customers have started booking it.

We haven’t restricted this concept till Haridwar but have also replicated it to Shirdi Dham, Siddhivinayak Temple-Mumbai and Banaras.

This season, we also plan to launch it to Char Dham i.e. Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath & Badrinath.

To summarize, World of Devotion is now into three categories of Puja’s —

  1. In person Puja’s – Devotees who want to come and conduct all Puja’s by their own hands.
  2. Online LIVE Puja’s – Devotees and Purohit’s conducting the Puja LIVE over Video call.
  3. Online Puja’s – Where Devotees are present for 5-10 minutes initially for a “Sankalp Puja” and then the Puja etc is conducted by the Purohits’ on behalf of the devotees.

We also have few interesting plans that would be launched very soon.

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