Health related Puja’s at Haridwar

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It’s always said,”Health is Wealth” and this is one of the many things which money cannot buy. Even the billionaires cannot rent out their disease to someone. While we don’t support the statement of not going to Doctor, however, we always support the statement, ” तेरा करना अनिवार्य है पर प्रयाप्त नहीं “

We should always discipline our lives if we want a Healthy Life, however, one important thing which we often forget is to “Thanks God for giving us a Healthy life.”

To offer our Gratitude and pray to Divine to grant us a Healthy and Wealthy Life, World of Devotion brings to you the most important and ideal Puja’s of Vedic Hindu Culture in Haridwar.

Where are these Puja’s conducted?

  • Har Ki Pauri, Brahm Kund, Haridwar (India)

Which God is worshipped?

  • Maa Ganga
  • Lord Shiva
  • Lord Satyanarayan

Who performs these Puja’s ?

  • Ganga Teerth Purohit’s who are authorized by Ganga Sabha (Regd). 
  • Family of these Teerth Purohit’s have been performing Puja’s at Har Ki Pauri for over 400 years. 

What are the benefits of these Puja’s?

  • Heals illness of self and family members.
  • Healthy Life of self and family.
  • Eliminates sudden illness and Death in the family.

Any advise given by Teerth Purohit’s to follow?

  • Child like Trust towards God with no expectations. 
  • Follow the advise of Purohit’s that they would give you to follow after the Remedial Puja’s. These solutions are simple but extremely beneficial for Devotees. 

How do I book these Remedial Puja’s?

  • If you want to discuss your requirements, you can always call our care center at 7011055303. 
  • These Remedial Puja’s are conducted LIVE online and also In person. 
  • For In person Puja’s you can book in advance and enjoy Cashless Puja’s. 

Has World of Devotion conducted these Puja’s for others?

  • We have conducted this pavitr Pujas over 500+ times.
  • Feedback from the Customers have been very encouraging.
  • Latest being, ‘Ganga Pujan for Child conceiving’ conducted by our France client in 2019 at Har Ki Pauri, informed me last week that the lady is in her 8th month.  

Please click this link to book or to Learn more. Call us at 7011055303 for any clarification.

Cant Visit Personally? Book your Puja’s LIVE Online.

Good Luck, Stay Indoors and Stay Safe. Thks

Yours Sincerely,

Rajesh Bakshi



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