Chaitra Navratris 2020 – Lock down period

Dear All,

The World is going through tough times and every country is fighting hard to protect their citizens in the best of their own capabilities and abilities. India has shown a remarkable efforts in taking proactive approach to control the pandemic beast and has also been acclaimed by WHO but still a long way to go.

History has recorded that whenever any national disaster has occurred in our country, Indians have always stood together and thrown away such beasts not only from our country but also from this planet. We are pretty much confident that Indians would once again lead the world to fight out this Corona Virus out from Mother Earth.

Our Belief and Trust in the Divine says so. India is a Religious country and Indians always keep the Divine ahead of everything they do. How could anything go wrong in our country when we have the following with us:-

  1. Haridwar, the Land of Maa Ganga,
  2. Banaras,  the Land of Lord Shiva and Sankat Mochan,
  3. Ayodhya, the Land of Shri. Ram,
  4. Vrindavan, Mathura, the Land of Krishna,
  5. Shirdi Dham, the Land of Sai Baba,
  6. Siddhivinayak, the Land of Lord Ganpati,
  7. Tirupati, the Land of Lord Vishnu,
  8. Rameshwaram, the Land of Lord Shiva,
  9. Somnath & Dwarka, the Land of Krishna,
  10. Vaishno Devi, the Land of Goddess of Shakti,
  11. Puri, the Land of Lord Jagannath,
  12. Amritsar, the Land of the Guru Nanak Dev ji,

Blessings of the Divine continues …. From East to West to North to South, India is extremely lucky to be blessed with so many God’s, Goddesses and Gurus.

Alongside, we should religiously abide by the Government Advisory:

  • The latest update from Government of India – Lock down period stands till 14th of April 2020.
  • During this period, every citizen should remain inside their homes ONLY and strongly abide by it.
  • Nothing is more important than your precious life. Love yourself and remain within your four walls.

Infact, treat this lock down period as Divine blessings so that we could spend time with our beloved families and do every such thing which we have always thought of doing but couldn’t do because of the busy schedules of professional life. Few suggestions from our side:-

  • Start your day by Thanking God.
  • Don’t forget to exercise. It’s a must else this period would increase your weight.
  • Don’t forget to do your prayers (for your family and for the countrymen).
  • Play physical indoor games with your family.
  • Assist your parents & family in day today household work.
  • Close your day by once again Thanking God.

Chaitra Navratris 2020:-

Chaitra Navratri would also fall during this lock down period (25th March to 2nd April). Positive angle to this is that we all would get full 9 days to celebrate these Golden nine days with our Families. How many of us ever had such opportunity?? Treat this opportunity as God’s blessings and stay indoors and pray to the Goddess.

World of Devotion stands firm to support your Indoor Navratris by providing you assistance of the Top Purohit’s of Har Ki Pauri who could be booked through our website for a 20 minutes pavitr puja ONLINE LIVE over a Video Call. You could book such services – sit back comfortably in your home temples – follow the Vedic rituals.

To book, just SMS / Whatsapp “Navratri” or can call us at 91-7011055303.

I close my note by wishing Good Luck to all of you, wherever you are in this world and may God bless you and your family with a safe and secured Life. Be with your family and keep loving them forever. We will surely come out of this pandemic disaster.

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Yours Sincerely,

Rajesh Bakshi

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