Brahman Bhoj - Can't Visit

Importance – Brahman Bhojan is one of the most important ritual in Hindu Religion. Brahman’s represent the Divine and hence it is our duty to provide pure & satvick Food to Brahman’s in memory of our beloved ancestors. This is one way to pay homage to our dear Ancestors. Other occasions can also be Marriage, Child’s Birthday etc. It is our duty to ensure that Quality of Food served to Brahman’s should be of top Quality and served with pureness and in hygienic conditions.

At World of Devotion, we always ensures that the above mentioned norms are always followed.

Food served per plate cost range is between Rs. 200 – 500, depending on location, and we also Offer Dakshina to all the Brahmans on behalf of our customers. Options available for Devotees are from 3 Brahmans to 11 Brahmans. 

Post bookings, our Team would contact you to gather your special requirements, your Gotra, Family details. You can hear / see the famous Teerth Purohits / Acharya’s taking your names & details in the Personalized Video Byte that we would share with you as a proof of evidence. You would yourself feel as if the ritual is happening in front of you.