How World of Devotion is building the future of Religious Industry…

Evolution of Religious Industry hasn’t moved much. It’s still an unorganized Industry but, flourishing, because the people don’t have any choice. e.g. Customer, visiting a holy place like Haridwar, Banaras or may be Char Dham, has no clue how & where to contact a genuine Vedic Pandit who can conduct a genuine Puja or a […]

Book Prasad Box from Shirdi Sai Dham

Jai Sai Ram, World of Devotion brings to you Shirdi Sai Blessings direct to your homes. You can now Book Box full of Prasadam which would reach you directly from Shirdi Dham. Box would contain – Dry Panchmewa Prasadam Sai Chalisa booklet. Sai Photo (small size) Sai Baba ki Dhuni packet To Book, please sms […]

Problems are Inevitable, Sufferings are Optional for us.

There are two types of people in this World. People who Cry or the people who Try. This Article of mine is not to give any Global Gyan to any of the two categories mentioned above. People are much more polished and practical than what I am. I have always claimed that neither I am any scholar nor any Subject […]

Rudr Abishek Puja at Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar, It’s Benefits…

Namaskaar, Want to conduct Rudr Abhishek at Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar but unable to travel. We have ready made Solution so that sitting at home you can conduct the Puja or Ritual at Haridwar. Let’s get started with the benefits of Rudr Abhishek, especially at Hari Ki Pauri,  Haridwar : Benefits of Rudrabhishek –  It […]

Manglik Dosha Pooja: Perform This To Nullify Your Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja for Manglik

We Indians have already welcomed the wedding season 2019-20, most you who are reading blogs must be either aspiring bride/groom or the parents looking for the remedies for Manglik dosh. Although we have moved towards the new era and left everything behind, many things related to Hindu belief will stay here with us forever. Just […]

Mahamrityunjay Jaap Will Give You Health Benefits: Get the Blessing by Lord Shiva

You might have heard the work Mahamrityunjay Jaap, and many times have also seen pundits chanting this mantra. Well, if you don’t know what the benefits of this Mahamrityunjay Jaap are, and how it can benefit your health, in this case, you have landed on the right page, Here in this blog you will get […]

Why choose “World of Devotion?” What is our Credibility? I am Skeptical to put my money? No guarantee !!!

Namaskaar, Greetings to you…. What is our Credibility? Being skeptical to shop. Who is World of Devotion? Have others purchased the services … etc…. etc …. After doing an analysis of the recent Google Ads & on various social sites we found that few people have expressed their open & honest views by raising questions […]

In 2020, if you want your life to also run like a 20:20 match then Click below to know more…

Namaskaar, Year 2019 is about to become History and I am sure that majority of the people would have already started to look at their respective 2020 Horoscopes whether #online or print media etc. 95% of the Astrologers always talk good because people only want to listen what soothes their ears. And because of this, such people […]

Kaal Bhairav Temple Puja @ Banaras

Namaskaar, Based on the inputs received from many subscribers and customers, we have launched another very important Puja which is “Kaal Bhairav Temple Puja at Vishweshwarganj, Banaras.” Significance of this Puja – Kaal Bhairav Temple is located at Vishweshwarganj in Banaras and is one of the oldest temple of Lord Shiva. This Temple is dedicated to Bhairava, a fierce […]