World of Devotion @ Ayodhya

Dear Friends & Clients, Thank you very much to all of you with FOLDED HANDS… हमारी कामयाबी हमें अक्सर अहंकार में ले जाती है I हम यह भूल जाते हैं की हमारी कामयाबी के पीछे कई छुपी हुई ताक़तें होती हैं I अगर मेरा शरीर साथ ना देता तो क्या मैं कोई कार्य कर सकता […]

Brahman Bhojan at most sacred locations of India

Importance – Brahman Bhojan is one of the most important ritual in Hindu Religion. Brahman’s represent the Divine and hence it is our duty to provide pure & satvick Food to Brahman’s in memory of our beloved ancestors. This is one way to pay homage to our dear Ancestors. Other occasions can also be Marriage, Child’s […]

Planning a Trip to Haridwar ?

Respected Devotees, If you are planning a Trip to Haridwar then here is an opportunity to book your Religious rituals from where you can book a Pandit, Any type of Remedial Puja or ritual and all these rituals would be performed at Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar. Your can visit our website and book your […]

Special Ganga Aarti & Puja for Examinations & Results 2019

” तेरी मेहरबानियों का बोझ इतना है प्रभु के मैं उठाने के काबिल नहीं “ Special Ganga Aarti & Puja at Brahm Kund, Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar has been organized ONLY FOR STUDENTS to get Maa Ganga blessings. All the students must be either in the middle of their exams or awaiting results. We know that all children […]

DEV DIWALI at Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar

Dev Diwali Margashirsh Shukla Pratipada (First day of the bright fortnight of Margashirsh) is celebrated as Dev Diwali. Importance Besides the Kuldev (male family Deity), Kuldevi (female family Deity) and Ishtadevta (benevolent Deity), other Deities also need to be worshipped on some day during the year and naivedya be offered to them, which is done on this day. Puja […]

Importance of गंगा आरती and गंगा सनान at Brahm Kund Har Ki Pauri

II “हर हर गंगे” – नमामि गंगे II Ganga is an incarnation of God in the Liquid Form हरिद्वार, हिमालय की छाया में स्तिथ हर की पौड़ी ब्रह्मकुंड, नील पर्वत पर विराजमान माँ चंडी देवी, बिल्व पर्वत पर विराजमान माँ मनसा देवी के बीच माँ गंगा की दिव्या धारा प्रवाहित हो रही है I माँ […]

Have you Seen God? क्या भगवान को कभी देखा है ?

Many people have asked us, “HAVE YOU SEEN GOD”? Our answer is a Definitive “YES” In-fact we all have seen him!! The word भगवान, as per ancient Sanskrit, is comprised of the Five Basic Elements भ = भूमि अ = अग्नि ग = गगन वा = वायु न = नीर   भ = भूमि : God is the land, like a Mother, that carries the weight of billions […]