World of Devotion is a religious & spiritual portal that specializes in offering customized puja’s & religious service to devotees by invoking the spiritual powers of the ancient Vedic mantras. Through recitation of the Vedic hymns & mantras, as per the correct Vedic procedure, the Acharyas (learned gurus) at World of Devotion call upon & invoke (Aahavan) the Cosmic Energies to work towards fulfilment of the desired objective of the devotee.

Devotees living away or unable to personally visit themselves for conducting Rituals & offering Prasad, can use this platform. WOD will provide its clients photographic or video proof of the rituals carried on your behalf. For instance, Divine Prasad from temples will have local stamping.

Our Puja’s & Rituals are conducted at Most Pious & Divine Temples of Haridwar (the Most Sacred & Holiest city in the World). Our Vedas have emphasized that Puja’s offered at Haridwar give many fold desired results.

Our Havan’s are conducted at the most serene ghats of Ganga that is the ideal place for offering prayers for the divine connect

Our Acharya’s use the “POWER OF THE ANCIENT VEDIC MANTRA’S” to attain the divine connect. This is done through correct pronunciation & tones (Mantra ucharan) through which the devotee benefits immensely to gain Divine cosmic energy

Authentic and Pure Puja Samagri used for every Puja. Each item of the Samagri is checked thoroughly by our Acharya’s to ensure 100% Genuinety

We strongly suggest that the Devotees participate by way of 100% “child like belief” without which nothing is possible. Offer your prayers with full faith & devotion without any expectations. Don’t offer pujas half-heartedly, or with doubts in your minds, it just won’t work. We cannot guarantee results, but, we ensure that your prayers do reach the deity through the spiritual powers of Mantras and the right Vedic procedure (Vidhi Vidhaan). Just offer your unconditional love to the Almighty and leave the rest to him. Also, before the beginning of the rituals, our Acharya’s may need you for a 2 minute Sankalp which can be done on phone or on Skype

Our Acharya’s are Most Renowned with over 1000+ puja experience. They conduct puja’s with complete Godly Devotion and Vedic procedures (Vidhi Vidhaan).